100 Abdominal Exercises – Instructional Videos

Abdominal Exercises100 Abdominal Exercises: 4 Groups of Exercises

To keep things simple, you can target 3 different muscles in your mid section. Some argue that exercises which simply target the lower abdominals are not very effective, where others believe that lower abdominal exercises are a necessary component for a complete exercise program. While this is always debatable, if you’re looking for the best results, a complete abdominal exercise routine is almost always going to be your best bet.

In this article we are going to take a look at 100 key abdominal exercises to help you achieve optimal results.

If you desire more definition in your abdominal region and a stronger core, this page is for you, however, before we get started, let’s take a look at some basic abdominal anatomy so you have a better understanding of what you are going to be working on.

Basic Anatomy of the Abdominals

Rectus Abdominis

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Your abdominals are the large muscle from your chest to your waist which look like a “six pack.” Even though the transverse abdominis (TVA) or core muscle is a deep stabilizer of the spine, it helps stabilize your spine by building up intra-abdominal pressure and also pulls in at the belly button creating a tighter mid section.


You also have internal and external obliques on both sides of your stomach. Your internal and external obliques work together to flex and rotate your lumbar spine in all 3 planes of motion.

100 Key Abdominal Exercises

Before You Watch the Videos of the 100 Best Abdominal Exercises Know This

There is no such thing as spot reduction. Not one of these abdominal exercises by itself or in combination will burn fat from your mid section. These exercises are great for strengthening your mid section which may cause a tightening in the waist and a slimming effect which could reduce your waistline, but you will not go from “flab to fab” with any of the 100 ab exercises alone. A balanced exercise program in conjunction with a healthy diet is always going to be your path to optimal results.

Visit a target area below to view the best abdominal exercises.

Rectus abdominis upper abs 100 Abdominal Exercises: Upper Abs Exercise Videos

Ab Exercises From a Hanging Position
 Hanging Leg Raise
Hanging Leg Raise
Feet to Ceiling
Feet to Ceiling
Floor Abdominal Exercises
Bicycle Maneuver
floor bicycle maneuver
Advanced Bicycle Maneuver
Advanced Bicycle maneuver
Bicycle Crunches
Bicycle Crunch
Toe Touches
Toe Touches
Toe Raises
Toe Raises
Plate SitUps
Plate Situps
Dumbbell Press SitUps
Dumbbell Shoulder Press Situps
Bench Crunches (on Weight Bench)
Bench Crunches
Ab Exercises on Stability Balls
Stability Medicine Crunch
Stability ball Medicine ball Crunches
Stability Ball Cable Rope Crunches
Swiss Ball Cable Rope Crunches
Stability Ball Side Crunch
stability ball side crunch
Stability Ball Crunches
Resistance Band Abdominal Exercises
Resistance Band Toe Raises
Tube Toe Raies
Resistance Band Stability Ball Crunch
Resistance Band Bench Crunch
Band Bench Crunch
Ab Exercises on BOSU Balls
BOSU Crunch (standard)
bosu standard crunch
BOSU Twisting Crunch
BOSU Balance Crunches
bosu balance crunch
Medicine Ball Abdominal Exercises
Medicine Ball SitUps
Medicine Ball Situps
Medicine Ball Twist
seated med ball twist
Cables, Total Gym & TRX Ab Exercises
TRX Suspension Trainer Reverse Crunches
TRX Reverse Crunch
Cable Sit Ups
cable sit ups
Total Gym Hamstring Curl Crunches
 Total Gym Hamstring Curl Crunches


lower ab exercise videos100 Abdominal Exercises: Lower Abs Exercise Videos

Floor Lower Abdominal Exercises
V-ups for Abdominals
Leg Throws
Leg Throws
Leg Scissors
Leg Scissors
Side Turns
Leg Rolls (Big 40s)
Big 40 Leg Rolls Abs Exercise
BOSU & Stability Ball Lower Abdominal Exercises
BOSU Leg Scissors
bosu leg scissors
Stability Ball Side Turns
Stability Ball Side Turns
Lower Abdominal Exercises from the Hanging Position
Hanging Leg Raises
Hanging Leg Raise

core exercise videos

100 Abdominal Exercises: Core Exercise Videos

Floor Core Exercise Videos
Floor Plank
Plank with Hip Abduction
Plank with Abduction
Side Plank
Floor Side Plank
Partner Plank
Partner Plank
Supine Bridge
Supine Bridge
Dynamic Side Plank
Dynamic Side Plank
Stability Ball Exercises for the Core
Stability Ball Plank
stability ball plank
Stability Ball BOSU Plank
stability ball bosu plank
Stability Ball 1 Leg Stabilization
stability ball 1 leg stabilization
Stability Ball Side Plank
Swiss Ball Side Plank
Stability Ball Walk-Outs
Swiss Ball Walkouts
Stability Ball Walk-Out with Twist
Walkouts with Twist on Physio Ball Swimming Special
Stability Ball Russian Twist
stability ball russian twist
Stability Ball Advanced Plank
Stability Ball Advanced Plank
Stability Ball Circular Plank
Feet on Stability Ball Plank
Feet on Stability Ball BOSU Plank
Resistance Band Stability Plank
Resistance Band Advanced Plank
Core Exercises on the BOSU Balance Trainer
BOSU Side Plank
bosu side plank
BOSU Dynamic Plank
bosu dynamic plank
BOSU Plank
bosu plank
BOSU Stability Ball Plank
BOSU Supine Bridge
BOSU Supine Bridge
BOSU Upside Down Plank
BOSU Upside Down Plank
Medicine Ball Exercises for the Core
Medicine Ball Plank
Medicine Ball Plank
Medicine Ball Abduction Plank
med ball plank with abduction
Core Exercises on the Total Gym & TRX
Total Gym Reverse Crunches
Total Gym Reverse Crunches
Total Gym Knee Tuck Pushups
Total Gym Knee Tuck Pushups
Total Gym Torso Twist
Total Gym Torso Twist
Total Gym Plank
Total Gym Plank
TRX Suspension Trainer Plank

oblique exercise videos100 Abdominal Exercises: Obliques Exercise Videos

Oblique Exercises on the Stability Ball & Hanging
Side Turns
Floor Side Turns
Twisting Toe Raises
Twisting toe raises
Standing Barbell Twist
bar side twist
Standing Side Barbell Twist
Side Barbell Twist
Twisting Hanging Leg Raise
twisting hanging leg raise
Oblique Exercises on the Stability Ball
Ball Side Turns
stability ball side turns
Stability Ball Side Crunch
stability ball side crunch
Stability Ball Russian Twist
stability ball russian twist
Resistance Band Obliques Exercises
Resistance Band Torso Rotation
tube torso twist
High Resistance Band Torso Rotation
high tube torso rotation
Low Resistance Band Torso Rotation (Golf Swings)
Low Tube Torso Rotations
Lunge Tube Reverse Wood Chops
Lunge Tube Reverse Wood Chops
Cables Obliques Exercises
Cable Rope Gravediggers (Low to High Torso Twist)
Cable Reverse Wood Chop Gravediggers
Total Gym Torso Twist
Total Gym Torso Twist
Total Gym Twisting Rows
Total Gym Twisting Rows
Cable Rope Wood Chops
Cable Wood Chops
High Cable Bar Wood Chopshigh cable bar wood chopsTotal Gym Twisting Iso High Rows (iso lateral = 1 side at a time)total gym twisting high rows
Cable Push Pull
Cable Multi Push Pull
Alternating High Cable Bar Wood Chops
Alternating High Cable Bar Wood Chops
Medicine Ball Obliques Exercises
Medicine Ball Wood Chops
Med Ball Woodchops
Medicine Ball Twist
seated med ball twist
Medicine Ball Wood Chop Spike
Med Ball Woodchop Spike
Power Sled Obliques Exercises
Power Sled Torso Rotation
Power Sled Torso Rotation

100 Abdominal Exercises Q & A


If I don’t have body fat and a flat stomach but I want six pack abs,
will the best abs machine you see on TV help?


The hard stance taken on this article is due primarily to the fact that most
consumers of abs machines you see on TV are looking for a quick fix, miracle
solution that will “melt fat” off their mid-section in no time. If you truly
have a low body fat percentage and want to get the ripped six-pack that everyone
talks about, doing floor abdominal exercises or stability ball core and ab
exercises are more than enough to help you achieve your goals. If you really
want to spend the money on the best abs machine you see on TV and use them
properly they can be of help but again, there are likely better options for less


What is the Point of Having so many Ab Exercises?


The core is more complex than simply abdominal crunches. The core of your
body must be able to stabilize and move in all planes of motion. Different ab
exercises stress different muscles as well as different planes of motion which
will lead to a stronger, more functional core as well as better looking
abdominal region.


Will Abdominal Exercises help me get Six Pack Abs?


100 abdominal exercises or 1,000,000 abdominal exercises will not help
anyone get six pack abs if their diet is not great. Your other training
specifically cardio is far more important for burning off excess calories while
a full body weight training program is best for revving up your metabolism. Read
more about the scam of
six pack abs


Which abs Exercise is the Best of all the Abdominal Exercises?


Which exercise is best completely depends on your training goals and how
the 100 abdominal exercises fit in with the rest of your balanced exercise
program and nutritious diet.


How Many of the 100 Abdominal Exercises should I do in a Day?


This depends on many factors. If you have very little fat and have a great
exercise program, you could probably achieve your results by using 3-4
complimentary exercises. Again, everything is goal specific and any of the list
of the best abdominal exercises are no exception.


Should I perform Abdominal Exercises before or After Weights and


Good question. Performing your abdominal exercises after your training is
safer than performing them before. If you perform your abdominal exercises
before training, your core stabilizer muscles may be weak and not be able to
support your body during your workout. It is safer to perform them after but not
a requirement. Play it by ear and see which you personally prefer.


How many of the 100 Abdominal Exercises do you need to Master to
get Results?


All 100!. If your goal is to master all 100 abdominal exercises.
The number of abdominal exercises you master does not really matter. You could
develop a super strong core, or six pack abs by using 3 or 20 of them. Use the
variety of core, obliques and abdominal exercises to create interesting, fun and
functional workouts.

How to use the 100 Abdominal Exercises to get the Best Results

Abdominal Exercises are Not the main Priority for Reducing
Stomach Fat

Best Results for 99% of Fitness Goals comes with a Balanced
Exercise Program

You do not need 100 abdominal exercises or even 10 to flatten
your stomach, lose weight, or even get six pack abs. Your exercise program on a
whole is dependent on multiple factors which you should be sure to be aware of.

Like many things in life, one aspect of optimal health and
fitness depends on the other. If you want to get the best out of
abdominal exercises you need to pay close attention to your nutrition, overall
activity level which should include cardiovascular exercise as well as
resistance training.

You should keep your body flexible so it can perform all of the
exercises you choose to do optimally. You can use all of these exercises to
compliment your current abdominal exercises or just a couple of them to maintain
your basic functional core strength. Master the 5 components of fitness
systematically and you will get the most benefit out of the 100 abdominal

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