5 Reasons to Hire an Online Personal Trainer

5 Reasons to Hire an Online Personal Trainer

You may have your own unique reason to exercise. You may want to get fit for an event, lose weight permanently or gain some serious muscle. But whatever your fitness goal, it is safe to say that most folks never fully achieve it without help from an expert or some personal education.

While it is easy to start with a lot of enthusiasm, you may soon lose focus and direction and experience a diminishing return on results. Unfortunately, most exercisers quit a fitness or nutrition program and revert to their previous lifestyle within 6-9 weeks.

We live in a world of packed schedules where convenience and speed can be the determining factor in our choices. Many of our convenient food options are caloric rich with poor nutritional density. Trying to balance exercise and reasonable food intake can be quite a challenge so hiring an expert can make a huge difference in your wellness success. So, what options do you have?

Welcome to the World of Online Personal Training

Traditionally, you join a gym and hopefully hire a personal trainer and get the help of a professional. But not everyone can afford a private trainer or may simply not have time to schedule live sessions. However, technology is providing some outstanding new benefits that have made gaining information, education and assistance in fitness even more accessible.

With the power of the web, whenever you have a question, you connect online and search for resources on your given topic. But this can be a trap as there is so much information online, much of which is incorrect. An online personal trainer or fitness coach may be the solution to not just cost and time but can be a definitive resource for personalized answers to your fitness questions.

An online trainer is a fitness resource that you can access without having to step outside your home. You do not have to visit the gym if you prefer home workouts and you need not try and match schedules with a live trainer. All communication is done through the internet or via Online Personal Training Software and the very best online coaches provide video or phone chats weekly or monthly. Once you choose an online coach, he or she can develop a custom exercise program for you and many offer nutrition services as well.

The Cost of Hiring an Online Personal Trainer

The cost of hiring an online personal trainer is a fraction of the cost if you hired a personal trainer and he or she came home, or you went to a studio or gym. On the Internet, you can hire a coach no matter where they or you are located. The Internet helps you transcend geographic boundaries and you can get the best trainer possible.

Many online personal trainers also generally maintain a high level of interaction with their clients through emails, newsletters, videos or the webcam. If you find a trainer that has poor communication, you can always find other highly qualified experts who will meet your expectation.

Top 5 Reasons to Hire an Online Trainer

#1. Workout Anytime

Training at any time you want. Since you are not meeting with your personal trainer in person, you can complete your training at any time during the scheduled training days. This solves a common problem of having to choose time intervals that fit the busy schedules of you and your coach. Most online trainers will have your workouts built and loaded in a mobile app so it’s fun and convenient.

#2. Workout Anywhere

Training where you want. When a training client uses an online personal trainer, he or she can train anywhere. Simply log in to your training account, check-in for your workout and begin your exercises. The best online trainers will have explanation videos for each exercise and include the number of sets, reps and weight targets for most movements.

#3. Affordability

According to the 2008 IDEA Personal Training Survey, the average price for personal training is $ 58 per hour. Unfortunately, most people cannot afford personal training for extended durations. However, at an estimated average of $100-$150 per month, most folks can afford online personal training, especially if they prioritize it like they do cable television or cell phones. The real value of an online personal trainer is that he or she offers the same benefits of on-site personal training, one-on-one, but with significant cost savings. Yes, there are some disadvantages to online personal training such as form correction, on-the-spot encouragement and appointment accountability. Yet many trainers have ways to overcome these challenges such a webcam session, video submissions or demonstrations.

#4. Exceptional Value

Dollar for dollar, the benefits of an online personal trainer far outweigh the costs. You get all the expertise and tools for success that you normally get with personal and in-person training. If you choose the right coach, they will add value with custom workouts, meal plans, education, tips, motivation and personalized connection. Many online trainers have a fair or excellent understanding of nutrition concepts as well. Tip: Be careful of the online “coach” that uses templates or avoids communication! These are typically social media personalities and not professionals.

#5. Avoid Gymtimidation

Some people are too self-conscious or ashamed to go to gyms or fitness centers. They fear being watched or intimidated by the fit crowd or feel they will look silly or lost. Personal online training solves these problems by providing a higher level of privacy, allowing clients to work at their own pace and in their environmental comfort zone. Many online training client’s workouts exclusively from home and soon work their way to higher levels of self-confidence.

Bonus Tips

Accountability. The vast majority of people who want to lose weight or get in shape need a coach to be responsible for “introducing” and conducting training correctly in a consistent manner.

People are much more likely to follow a long-term exercise program and ultimately achieve their goals when they have to respond to someone other than themselves.

At the end of the day, you are ultimately responsible for your health and fitness. Yet hiring a skilled professional training may give you the advantage and help keep you committed to a sustainable and lifelong success with your fitness and nutrition!

AUTHOR BIO:  Michael S. Parker – CPT, NASM, NESTA, FMS

Michael is a Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach and Lifestyle & Weight Management Specialist. He holds a business degree from University of Phoenix and is a former college instructor and consultant to the Advanced Personal Training and Exercise Science program offered by Bryan University.

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