6 Flat Belly Exercises To Do On A Chair Or Recliner

chair workout

chair workoutWorking in the office has a lot of advantages, but sitting for a long time is bad for your health and body. We all know it. But do all of us worry about that? A review of 47 scientific studies has shown that people who sit for long periods of time are more likely to suffer from cancer, type II diabetes, heart disease, and overweight.

I have found 6 chair or recliner  exercise to help you feel cheerful and energetic. They can be done directly at your workplace.

#1. Knee raises towards the chest

Strengthens abdominal muscles, improves digestion, and helps burn fat.

How to do it

  • Sitting in a chair, your back is straight, not touching the backrest.
  • Feet on the floor, pelvis width.
  • Keep your back straight. The right knee is raised up and pulled to the chest. Press your stomach against the spine.
  • Put your hands on your shin to better stretch the lower press.
  • Do 20-30 reps, changing knees.

#2. Double knee raises

In this position, all abdominal muscles work gently but effectively.

How to do it

  • Put your legs together.
  • Press your hands against the armrests.
  • Keeping your back straight, raise your knees to the chest. The abdominal muscles should be tense.
  • Return the feet to the original position but do not touch the floor.
  • Do 10-20 reps.

#3. Side knee raises

Waist posture correction. Side stomach fat burn due to intense muscle work.

How to do it

  • Sit closer to the edge of the chair. Back straight. Hands pressed against the armrests.
  • Lean to the side, while sitting on one buttock.
  • Put your legs together and raise your knees to your chest (as in exercise 2).
  • Return to the original position. Repeat, leaning in the other direction.
  • Do 10-20 reps in each direction.

#4. Floor touches

Helps burn side stomach/hip fat.

How to do it

  • Put your feet on the floor.
  • Extend your hands to the sides, shoulder height.
  • Turn the upper torso to the right and lean forward, touching the left toes with your right hand. Hold.
  • Straighten up. Repeat the exercise, touching the toes of your right foot with your left hand.
  • Do 20-30 reps, changing the side of the turn each time.

#5. Torso rises over a recliner

According to research here, helps burn fat fast and increases the abdominal muscle, back and shoulder shapes. To increase the load, use the chair with armrests. The chair must have no wheels.

How to do it

  • Put your hands on the armrests.
  • Raise your torso, pulling your thighs and legs up in the air while raising your knees to the chest (use your ab muscles).
  • Hold for at least 15-20 seconds, then slowly get down and rest.
  • Repeat 4 times.

#6. Knee-to-elbows

Very useful for the waist. Makes the side and lower abdominal muscles work. The strategy is simple: one knee meets the opposite elbow and the torso slightly twists.

How to do it

  • Back straight, not touch the backrest. Hands behind your head.
  • Raise the right knee towards the chest, at the same time tilt your left elbow towards it so that they meet eventually.
  • Return to the original position. Do 15 reps.
  • Change the knee and elbow and do 15 more.
  • Do 4 sets.

(BONUS) Side stomach muscle exercise

The previous 6 exercises are done sitting on the chair. But I suggest you get up and do one more thing to make it more effective. Stay near the chair though!

The benefit is in strengthening gluteal muscles and effectively fighting waist and belly fat.

How to do it

  • Stand behind the chair and put your left hand on its backrest of the armrest.
  • Raise your right hand above your head.
  • Slowly lower the raised hand. At the same time, raise your right leg so that your hand touches the heel.
  • Return to the original position. Do 10-15 reps.
  • Change the arm and leg, do 10-15 reps.
  • Do 4 sets.

Now it’s up to you to include these exercises in your daily workout, and the results won’t take long. Especially if you also include healthy eating and quality rest.

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Shannon holds a degree in Exercise Science and is a certified personal trainer and fitness writer with over 10 years of industry experience.

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