Golf Gear Ideas for Preventing Muscle Pain and Other Health Problems

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golf gearMost people know that golf is a good way to get some essential exercise in an enjoyable and social way, but golfers are also at risk of injuries and mishaps. While things like being accidentally hit by a ball or club are rare incidents which are more likely to involve complete novices, all players need to take precautions to avoid the common health problems which they could easily be affected by.

Top 5 Golf Gear Ideas

The easiest way for a golfer to protect themselves from issues such as muscle pain is to invest in the right kind of equipment and gear. Let’s look at the best golf gear ideas in a little more detail.

#1. Get the right clubs

This is easy enough to do – simply have an expert measure the distance between your wrists and the floor when you are in the typical golf stance. This is also a good way to check your posture is correct. Poor posture or using the wrong length of the club is the fastest routes to muscle pain in both your back and your arms. Improve your golf game and health by buying the right gear.

#2. Choose a sensible way to carry clubs

Unless you have a caddy to do the hard work for you, then carrying your own clubs is unavoidable, but the average non-professional golf player’s bag will weigh at least 20 pounds and can easily cause shoulder injuries and more backache. If you prefer a shoulder bag buy one with a broad strap to help spread the weight a little, and make sure you lift it using the correct techniques. Alternatively, invest in a pull cart or a specially designed brace for a carry bag.

#3. Buy the right shoes

Choosing the right shoes is probably the best way to avoid the majority of golfing injuries and maintain your health. They should be professionally fitted, comfortable, waterproof, with short cleats/soft spikes which will help you hold fast during your swing and avoid ankle sprain and twists, but avoid your knee and ankle joints jarring the way they would if secured by shoes with long cleats.

#4. Protect yourself from the sun

Although using sun protection makes sense in the height of summer with strong rays overhead it is possible to bun even with plenty of cloud cover. Golfers out on the course for a round should apply a high SPF cream to all exposed parts of their body before play, to avoid burning. Lip balm, a suitable hat, and sunglasses designed to filter out both UVA and UVB rays are also essential.

#5. Gloves are important

Blisters are an unfortunate side effect of golf for some players, caused by the repetitive gripping and swinging, but a specially designed golf club will avoid this. It is fine to wear two gloves, but if you prefer just one it is standard to wear this on your non-dominant hand.

The Bottom Line

Taking care of your health, and avoiding typical golfing health problems, involves some pretty straightforward tactics and purchases, so there’s no need to risk injuries which are mostly avoidable.

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