Five Great Arm Exercises for Women

woman curling dumbbells to work her arms5 Key Arm Toning Exercises to Help You go Sleeveless!

If you’re a woman who is looking to transform your body and increase muscle tone and definition, then taking a look at some of the top arm exercises will be a very wise move.

It’s important when building your workout program that you consider which movements will best work each muscle group, and then also ensure that you have enough variety in place as well. The body is going to respond best to a higher amount of variety in any workout program because this is what will get it sitting up and taking note at all the stressors you’re throwing at it.

The minute your workout becomes routine is the minute that your body realizes precisely what’s going on and stops responding entirely.

Therefore, understanding which arm exercises are best for women will ensure that you have plenty of variety in the routine so you can keep your muscles guessing at what’s coming next.

Let’s take a quick look at the main ones you need to know. But before you read on, I highly recommend you check out this page first for detailed information on biceps toning and strengthening, including the top 5 biceps exercises with instructional videos.

1.) Bent Over Triceps Extensions (Tricep Kickbacks)

triceps kick backsThe first arm exercise for women that’s going to work very well to target the back of the arm is the bent over triceps extension. This movement is simple to perform with a basic set of dumbbells and will really get you feeling it.

Simply lean forward, keeping the elbows pressed firmly into the sides and then extended the arm backwards behind the body until the arm is straight behind you. Pause and then move back to the starting position to complete that rep.

2.) Overhead Single Dumbbell Press

dumbbell pressThe second great arm exercises for women that you must know is the overhead single dumbbell press. This one is also going to firm that underarm region, which proves to be a problem for most women.

To perform this one simply hold a dumbbell in both hands and lift it up over your head. From there, bend at the elbows so it moves back behind the body as low as you can go. Once there, pause and then press back up until the elbows are extended to complete the rep.

3.) Triangle Push-Ups

triangle push upsThe triangle push-up is not only terrific for working the back of the arms, but also good for helping to enhance your cleavage as it’ll target the pectoral muscles as well.

To perform this one, get into a standard push-up position (with the knees on or off the floor) and then move the hands in close together so the thumb and forefinger are forming a triangle shape.

From there, lower into a standard push-up position and then press back up to complete the rep. Note that when doing this you are going to feel it much more in the back of the arm than you normally would, which is a perfect indication that you’re doing it correctly.

4.) Dumbbell Rows

dumbbell rowThe next arm exercise women will want to add into your workout routine is the dumbbell row. These are great for not only targeting the biceps but for also helping you get a sexy and defined back as well.

Place a set of dumbbells down on the floor about a foot or two away from the body and then bend over and hold one in each hand.While keeping the back flat like a tabletop, slowly bend the elbows and pull the dumbbells into the body, until they are just about in line with the chest. Pause for a second and then lower back down to complete the rep.

5.) Dumbbell Curls

dumbbell curlFinally, to round out your arm workout, you have the commonly known dumbbell curls. This one is great for isolating that biceps muscle and is going to ensure that your triceps muscle strength and bicep muscle strength stay well balanced.

To perform it, hold a dumbbell in each hand, letting it sit right down in front of the body at your sides. From there, curl the dumbbell up by bending the elbow joint, while ensuring that it stays pressed into the side of the body. Once you’ve curled the full way up, pause and then lower all the way back down to complete the rep.

So there you have it, the top arm exercises for women that you really must keep in your workout program. If you can perform these two to three times per week, along with following a good diet program, you should quickly be able to see increased tone and definition in the arm region.

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