Biking Tips for Beginners

biking tips for beginnersMany people enjoy going outdoors and getting some exercise, and one of the best ways to do so is biking. Biking is not only fun and stress relieving, but it’s a great form of exercise that the entire family can enjoy together.

However, getting started on a new bicycle may seem a little daunting, after all, what should you buy and how exactly should you prepare for your first ride?

There are many tips which biking beginners should follow if they want to start off on the right foot. Let’s take a look at some key considerations for biking newbies.

Get The Right Equipment

Before taking off on the open road, there are a few items which you will want to buy and some key considerations to keep in mind before your first journey out on your new bicycle.

The Bike

Obviously the first item on the list is the bike itself. Do you plan on using it to commute to work? What about taking off onto some exhilarating trails on the weekend? As a beginner, it is ideal to visit your local bike shop to talk to an expert before buying your new bike. Besides buying the proper bike for the type of riding you have in mind, it is critical to buy a bike that fits you right; a specialist will help you determine both of these.

A Seat

Many new bicyclists find it crucial to buy a bike seat pad, especially if you plan on using your bicycle regularly. The seats on many bikes aren’t super comfortable, especially if you are new to biking. Padding for your seat is super helpful and allows your rear end and genitals to stay comfortable during your bike rides. Trust me on this one, if you bike to work every day, your ass will thank you later.

Flat Tire Hardware

A flat tire on the open road will stop you in your tracks faster than you can blink. I once got a flat and had to walk my bike many miles to get home. Don’t be me! Get a patch kit and a portable tire pump, a flat tire is inevitable.


Another object you should invest in is a water bottle, and if needed, a water bottle holder for your bicycle. Bicycling can be hard work and staying hydrated is a very important part of bicycling, because of that, keeping a full water bottle on your rides is obviously going to be very important.

A Lock

Locking your bike is a must if you are on a ride and need to run into a restroom or want to stop off at your favorite local eatery for a bite to eat. If you live in a city, especially if you commute to work and keep it outside all day, a quality lock is an absolute must. I highly recommend a U-lock for the best protection. If you have quick-release wheel skewers, also get a cable to secure your wheels – yes, a thief will steal wheels if that is all they can get, it has happened to me before so unfortunately I have the experience to back this claim up.

There are a lot more items which someone could buy and a lot of things one could do to prepare for their first ride. Click here for more detailed info on some of these things.

Prep Work

After some essential items are bought, one should start to look into preparing for their first ride. You may want to start by visiting a doctor to make sure that you’re healthy enough to handle bicycling.

You may also want to start doing stretches and light exercises before attempting your first bike ride. Be sure to stay hydrated and to keep your salt and electrolyte intake up, especially before and after your first (and any) ride.

Things To Remember

Not everyone starts off ready for the Tour De France, actually, nobody does. It’s important to remember to have fun with your bike but to work up to greater speeds and distances.

Don’t push yourself too hard at first, and allow your body to gradually train and work up to biking longer distances at greater speeds.

Listen to what your body has to say, and take a break if you feel you need to. Biking should be enjoyable, not a chore, so remember to take it slow and most importantly, have fun!

The Bottom Line

There are many reasons why biking is great for you. Once you start biking, you’ll find that you begin to feel healthier, you may become less depressed, and you might even lose some weight.

Not only is biking great exercise, but it’s super fun. However, it’s important to remember that before your first ride, you should have what you need for that ride. Take some time to buy the items you’ll need and to prepare your body as well.

If you take it slow and just enjoy the ride, you’ll find that bicycling will soon become your favorite thing to do.

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