Exercises To Help Prevent Bone Density Loss

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For many seniors, one part of their physical health that they need to start worrying about at their age is bone density loss.

When you lose your bone density, it can make it far easier for you to break your bones with very little force or pressure.

And because healing can be slowed down when you age as well, it’s best to try to avoid breaking a bone if at all possible.

Luckily, there are some exercises that you can do to help slow the loss of bone density and help your body to remain strong for as long as possible.

To help you see just what these things are, here are four great exercises to help prevent bone density loss.

Four Great Exercises To Help Prevent Bone Density Loss

If you want to prevent bone density loss as you age, exercise is one of the best ways to do so. Here are four exercises you must utilize…

1. Light Weight-Bearing Exercises

Just like with your muscles, if you want to strengthen your bones, you have to put a little bit of safe pressure on them. This includes doing some light weight-bearing exercises that will encourage your bones to get stronger and stronger as time goes by.

These exercises include using your body weight during exercises like walking, dancing, going up stairs, or even gardening. And the more you do these exercises, the stronger you’ll become.

2. Balancing Exercises

To give yourself the best chance of not breaking a bone, which often happens as a result of elderly people losing their balance and falling, you should work on strengthening your balance through your exercise routine as part of helping prevent bone loss.

Some of the best exercises for getting a stronger sense of balance include things like yoga or tai chi, which are usually taught at community centers or assisted living facilities. So if you haven’t tried these forms of exercise yet, you might want to give them a try.

3. Start Lifting Weights

The stronger the muscles are around your bones, the more protection your bones will have to withstand the pressures that could cause you to lose bone density and potentially break your bones.

To strengthen your muscles, try doing some light weight training exercises that will help to build your muscles. It’s best to try using heavier weights and lower reps if your goal is to strengthen your bone health.

4. Posture-Inducing Exercises

The way that you use your bones in your body can also help them to be stronger and stand up to potential breaks or bone loss as well. So if you know that your posture is already slipping, you should try to do some exercises that can help with this.

One great option is to sit on an exercise ball. Try to keep your spine in perfect alignment so you can strengthen the bones and muscles that support your body. This can also help with balance and overall core strength as well.

The Takeaway

If you’re looking to prevent a loss in your bone density as you age, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you find exercises that will assist you with this.

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