You Are What You Think, Eat, Feel & Do: Becoming Balanced Through Making Healthy Decisions

You Are What You Think, Eat, Feel & Do: Becoming Balanced Through Making Healthy Decisions


The idea behind this article came from a speech I prepared in the early 90’s and gave on a number of occasions to corporate and professional audiences – most notably the Human Resources Managers who hired consultants to work with employee groups on a wide variety of issues. I was able to develop new client relationships because of this presentation and build a presence in the business and association community as well. The marketing plan I devised for the professional community had as its centerpiece a strategy of giving speeches and teaching seminars and workshops on a wide range of health and fitness topics that all related to prevention and living “health consciously”. The cost of healthcare in 1993 according to the data I uncovered was $500 billion and today that cost has risen to over $2 TRILLION dollars! I hope this article will spur your thinking on the importance of self examination and becoming “self aware” so that you can evolve your OWN thinking and decision making skills.


You Are What You Think

Programming the subconscious mind requires us to work with our conscious mind throughout the day and create an “inner environment” for ourselves that encourages new thoughts and behaviors. Resisting the temptation to “fall back” on old “ways of being and thinking” will allow you to open up to the unlimited possibilities that inevitably present themselves to us each and every day. The invitation to become a contributing writer to came literally “out of the blue” just a little over three weeks ago.  I could have ignored it – or embraced it. Obviously, you can see the decision I made in the way I accepted the challenge of writing again and in the 18 articles (15 of which have been on line) that I have submitted to date. I have been exploring this new territory of online publishing since I decided to submit that first article on healthy aging and review the new territory of publishing my work online for the first time. I have been amazed by the surge of creativity and energy I have felt since that first article was accepted and posted online! Taking advantage of this opportunity has allowed me to think of myself in new ways – specifically as a writer who is now published and also as a speaker and teacher again – this time in the area I am MOST passionate about – healthy aging! THINKING is the most important activity – and aspect – of the human experience and remembering “to pause” during the day and examine your thinking is critical in forming your response to the events, experiences, and relationships that you encounter each and every day! A good affirmation to use here is: “I am happy, healthy & fit and LOVE my work”!

You Are How You Feel

Discounting your feelings is NEVER a good idea because “burying them” only leads to (at some future date) “digging them up again” and having to confront the pain they may have caused you in the first place all over again. I have learned to express my feelings when I feel hurt – or offended in some way – and try to be “up front and honest” about how what was said or done has made me feel a certain way as a result. Taking RESPONSIBILITY for one’s feelings eliminates any possible misunderstandings in the future. We can only change what we KNOW – not what we DON’T know, right? Be clear – and open to the other person’s feelings – and let the pain go when you feel you have been understood – AND heard. We all make mistakes and being open to what we have done – or said -, allows us the opportunity to release the hurt we may have caused (or vice versa). Being honest and open with people is always the way to go – even if you are uncomfortable for a little while! Feelings can also bring us joy and exhilaration and wonder and that is what makes life worthwhile. It is in “the ups and downs” of life that we can REALLY feel alive. It is SO worth the effort to be aware and open to our feelings and obviously also NOT let them run our lives. Practice makes perfect and perfect practice makes us a friend to all we meet. A good affirmation here would be: “I respect my feelings and honor them every day with a loving and forgiving attitude”.

You Are What You Eat

This area of life is very close to all our hearts and because what we “put in our mouths” each day literally WILL determine our future health, I suspect that we are always going to be students of what works – and doesn’t work – for each of us as we grow older with each passing year. My intention with every meal I eat is to make sure that I am focusing my energy on “nutrient dense and calorie deficient foods”. We know the drill right? If I eat those 1500 calories what will I have to do to burn them? That is 8-10 mile of running for me and the good news for me is I COULD run that far but the bad news is WOULD I run that far today? We know the life we are leading is far from perfect in “reality”, but it is in “consciously choosing” our food that we WILL win MOST of time. I want my training efforts to reflect my great choices and in turn allow me the opportunity to maximize my performance. Isn’t this what we all want? I want to set personal records in the future for distance and speed and I will be able to do that if I choose to eat healthfully MOST of the time. A good affirmation here would be: “I value my body and all it does for me every day and so I value what I put IN IT every day as well”.

You Are What You DO

“Doing” is what most of us DO every day. It is in “doing” that we discover WHO we are – and all our limitations and strengths as well. Choosing our activities carefully allows us to do what we NEED to do and frees us to NOT do what will not help us move forward in our lives. Prioritizing our activities and becoming aware of where we most often waste our limited time, can empower us to maintain a sense of accomplishment and achievement that sometimes gets “lost” in the “busyness” of our days. “I plan to fail or fail to plan”. We have REAL choices to make when it comes to what we are doing with our days and the old excuse of “I don’t have enough time” just won’t work anymore when we realize that we ARE in charge of our schedules and activities and we CAN and MUST be accountable and responsible for whatever comes our way. Exercising is like brushing our teeth isn’t it? It is a daily CHOICE and an important activity that MUST never be allowed to be omitted from our daily plan. “If I am NOT hurt – or sick, I am training”. Remember I mentioned this statement I made earlier in a previous article? This is my “mantra” every day and I have been living up to it without fail. Set aside time in your day “to be” as well (quiet, thoughtful, reflective etc.) A good affirmation here would be: “I am responsible and accountable for my actions and I embrace each choice I make today with enthusiasm and passion”!

In Conclusion

Remember to find joy and peace throughout your day. Be conscious of your choices and be aware of your thoughts and feelings and learn to appreciate their importance and impact on your life. We have only this ONE life to live – and this ONE body – so let’s learn to appreciate it with every breath and action we take. The consequences ARE real and the opportunities for growth unlimited! Enjoy them while you can because tomorrow is NEVER guaranteed and we have only THIS day to live – live it well and with grace! This is TRULY what it means to age “healthfully”!

Author Profile: Nick Prukop

Website:      Email: [email protected] Nick is an author, teacher, and speaker and has been a certified personal trainer and lifestyle and weight management consultant since 1992. He is currently recognized as a master trainer by the IDEA International Health and Fitness Association. He has been a runner since 1964 and has accumulated over 60,000 miles in that time.

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