HEALTHY AGING: Mindfulness, Meditation, Affirmation & the Inner Journey

Mindfulness, Meditation, Affirmation & the Inner Journey

HEALTHY AGING: “Mindfulness, Meditation, Affirmation & the Inner Journey”

With advancing technology invading every aspect of modern life, it has become apparent to me that it is more difficult than ever to create personal time and opportunities to reflect and create a broader understanding of who we are (on the inside)– AND creating a happier life for ourselves in the process. Since the mid 80’s I have included time in my day for reflection, contemplation, and thought – through meditation and prayer work. I was first given this gift at my church in 1985 and have practiced it in some form – along with affirmative prayer and affirmation – since then. My life has achieved a level of clarity and understanding that grows with each passing day as a result of this practice. Since healthy aging – according to my current understanding – is an “inside job” (a “consciousness issue”), it is important for me to review this aspect of the process of aging well with you now.

I believe that since these practices have been around for thousands of years in both the eastern and ancient worlds, it is important for each of us to explore these ideas and principles in order to help us access our TRUE potential (and eventual purpose). These time proven practices have demonstrated over time the ability to help countless numbers of people of every background and cultural upbringing to achieve a deeper level of wisdom and insight (over time) and leading those “who stayed the course” to a life of deeper meaning and purpose – resulting in “a healthy, vibrant and meaningful life!”

Our subconscious mind is the driver – and “storehouse” for our entire life. From it comes our “perceived reality” that is provided for us early in life by our parents, teachers, and others who help us grow into adults. It directs our conscious mind and serves as the “gate” to the world we inhabit later in our lives when we start to interact with life as adults. In the subconscious is stored all that we ARE – our beliefs, self awareness, understandings, values, thoughts and ideas that we hold to be true. While this all sounds positive, it can prove to be troublesome if – and when – we are faced with the need to examine and possibly change our understanding of ourselves due to circumstances or challenges that we inevitably face as we grow older. Typically we face these potential changes unwillingly because the “known” always seems to outweigh the “unknown” – even if changing our minds might be useful and beneficial to us. This is the reason for my willingness to change my life in the mid – 80’s. My life was unraveling in all areas – personal, professional, family, financially, – and my sense of self worth as well. My physical being remained fit because of the life I had lived over the years as a runner and probably saved me from experiencing a fatal heart attack or stroke – a very common outcome for most during times of significant change and stress.

Re-entering the world for the first from this point of view can be invigorating or incredibly scary. I felt both emotions deeply on a conscious – and unconscious level – but I also knew I could not go back to the “old ways of being” that had dominated my previous life experience (unconscious and thoughtless which I classify as ignorance!). My world did not improve overnight. As a matter of fact the process took me more than a decade of effort to see positive results because I had so much to review within me and then I needed to make new choices – all pretty scary but wonderful as well. I could finally say that I had triumphed over tragedy because I “spent the time wisely” looking within myself – the only REAL place we can look to make REAL change happen. I had learned much of what I needed to know to change my life for my “higher good” through effort and thought – using meditation and prayer as my “tools of change”. Ultimately as I said earlier, my clients proved to be the vehicle through which I rode this wave of change. Through my dedication and commitment to the process, my inner journey helped me arrive to this moment in time where I can now share with you this important message. Change was no longer my enemy but my ally, leading me to new opportunities and “ways of being” that reflected my true nature and passion – doing what I am doing right NOW. This series reflects my “evolved” understanding of myself and is based upon the wisdom I have acquired over these many years and is guiding me to my new world of speaking, teaching and writing.

I set aside approximately 30-45 minutes every day for this work and it is the most valuable time I spend each day. I “go within” and let my consciousness open up to my thoughts and feelings. I don’t judge what emerges – only allow it to flow through me. If something needs to change I simply acknowledge it and “let it go”. It is a simple concept but by no means easy to do. It takes repetition for REAL change to occur in our lives but it is well worth the effort! My creativity during this time also rises and expands – and ideas seem to emerge and flow through me with ease. These nine articles that I have written so far are a reflection of the outcome of spending this important time and also keeping  an “open mind and an open heart” helps in the process.

Your inner work will provide similar results but be different from mine because we are different people and your results will reflect your values and beliefs – just as mine did. You too can make significant changes to what is NOT working in your life, whether it be an attitude, belief, past hurt or something you did not know even existed. You can’t change “what you DON’T know needs to be changed” and therefore your “inner work” is the ONLY way for you to find out. In conclusion I can only say that the time I spend “in the quiet” is more important to me than any other time I spend during my day. It “sets up” not only my day – but my future life as well. In part II I will reveal some of the ways in which you too can reveal more of yourself and become truly happy, healthy, fit for life!

Author Profile: Nick Prukop

Website:      Email: [email protected] Nick is an author, teacher, and speaker and has been a certified personal trainer and lifestyle and weight management consultant since 1992. He is currently recognized as a master trainer by the IDEA International Health and Fitness Association. He has been a runner since 1964 and has accumulated over 60,000 miles in that time.

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