Healthy Breakfast Smoothies: Creating The Perfect Morning Blend



A healthy smoothie in the morning can make a big difference in your health. By blending your fruits and vegetables into a smoothie, your body is more easily able to absorb critical nutrients since the blended fruits and vegetables are easier to digest in the gut.

A smoothie in the morning can even help you feel energized and may even do wonders for your skin complexion. Of course, all the health benefits don’t stop here.

Another great reason to kick off your morning with a smoothie is so you can make sure you’ve consumed your daily dose of healthy fruits and vegetables. The fast past lifestyle doesn’t always allow us the time or provide the healthiest of options for us when on the move.

5 Tips to Make A Great Breakfast Smoothie

While it’s one thing to know about the health benefits of a smoothie, it’s another to actually make the smoothie! Here are some tips & guidelines for you to get started and help you create the perfect morning blend.

#1. The Perfect Blender

The very first step to make a healthy smoothie is to purchase the right blender. There are a lot of choices out there, but I highly recommend the Vitamix. It is hands down one of the best choices when it comes to making a great smoothie to start your morning off right. The Vitamix has the right tools and blade to create the perfect smoothie. Check out Vitamix reviews to learn what the Vitamix can do for you.

#2. The Fruits and Vegetables

The right fruits and vegetables are crucial for the perfect smoothie. The fruits and vegetables you choose contain fiber, vitamins, and other crucial nutrients that will energize you and ultimately keep you healthy. Some breakfast smoothie fruit and veggie favorites include: strawberries, bananas, avocado, celery, carrots, oranges, berries, and cucumbers.

#3. The Liquid Base

Once you add in all your favorite fruits and vegetables, it’s time to add in the liquid base. If you want a rich and smooth texture, I highly recommend milk. If you are lactose intolerant, almond milk or soy milk will do wonders. If you want something more fruity, you can try fruit juice or even V8 juice. If you want something more refreshing, pure water will do. Whatever the case is, you can be as creative as you like when creating the perfect healthy smoothie. Have fun and experiment!

#4. Protein Powder Power-Up

After a gym workout it’s essential to consume some protein to aid in muscle recovery and growth. Protein is crucial when it comes to helping your muscles grow and repair. A lot of people buy protein powder to put in their smoothie. In fact, taking in a healthy smoothie in the morning after your morning workout can do wonders for you, especially when it comes to preparing your body and mind for the day ahead. The combination of the protein powder and all the vitamins and other nutrients from the ingredients can help your muscles repair, and your smoothie will even give you a nice morning energy boost!

#5. A Coffee Energy Boost

Want to take your smoothie’s energy boost to a new level? Try adding coffee! While a coffee smoothie won’t conform to the palate of everyone, coffee folks may love this blend. The great part about coffee is the caffeine boost you’ll get when added to your smoothie. However, coffee can be very acidic for your stomach. Fortunately, you can make a healthy smoothie out of your coffee. When you combine milk, honey, avocado and coffee, you will get a smoothie that is jammed packed with omega-3 fatty acid, caffeine, vitamin D, and other nutrients to keep you energized throughout the day.


With all the information we’ve provided above, you will now be able to create and appreciate an awesome healthy smoothie in the morning. All the ingredients blended together make it easier to absorb by your gut so you’ll get the maximum nutrients out of your morning blend. In fact, if you want to strengthen your gut, it’s highly recommended to add yogurt to your smoothie to promote the growth of probiotics in your G.I. system. With the right blender and ingredients, you are well on the way to a healthier you!

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