How Cleaning Your Home Can Help You Lose Weight

I know you sometimes hate cleaning your home. Especially when you are stressed and tired after a long day at work. Maybe, you need a little motivation to keep your home squeaky clean. Well, cleaning can help you stay in shape because you will be burning some calories. Wondering how cleaning your personal space can help you lose weight? Here is how…


There are several instances where you need to squat when performing certain activities in your home. You may need to squat when putting or taking clothes out of the washer. Or when arranging stuff in the bottom drawer. Some people choose to bend instead, but you will be doing your body a lot of good if you squat. When you squat, stay in that position for a few seconds even if you finish what you are doing. Doing this regularly will tone your hips, calves, and thighs. On average, squatting for one hour will help you burn up to 150 calories. Additionally, visit Simplymaid to know more about professional DIY cleaning.

Cleaning the Dishes

The dishwasher is a thing now, but you can still break out of that norm. Once in a while, do the dishes with your hands. Using the sponge to scrub those plates clean is a form of exercise for your hands and arms. You can add some dancing routines to it. Cleaning dishes for an hour can help you burn between 80 to 100 calories. You will definitely use less than an hour to clean your dishes, but you will still be burning calories while toning your arm.

Cleaning High Surfaces

When it is time to scrub or wipe surfaces that are above your head, you sometimes need to stand on your toes. When you assume that position, stay there even when you finish cleaning your overhead surfaces. Standing on your toes engages your calf muscles thereby shaping the lower part of your leg. You can further stand on one leg and then stretch out the other one. This posture works on your gluteal muscles to shape your hips and buttocks. You can be burning up to 4 calories per minute for cleaning your surfaces.

Mopping the Floor

If you want to use your cleaning routines for workouts, you need to do away with the mop stick. Get on all fours when you want to scrub or mop the floor. Moving your hand during the cleaning process will help you tone your arms and

Packing Toys or Organizing Stuff

When it is time clear toys off the floor or put things into the down drawer, you can get into plank position for that task. While you are organizing your home, you are also working on your abs.

Quicken Your Pace

Irrespective of the household chore you are performing, just quicken the pace. Walk briskly when you are going to pick up something and climbing the stairs. Chop your vegetables at a faster pace. You will be burning more calories this way.

When you adopt these, you will be working on your body while keeping your home clean. How awesome is that?

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Shannon holds a degree in Exercise Science and is a certified personal trainer and fitness writer with over 10 years of industry experience.

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