How to Use the Power of the Mind-Body Connection to Support Your Health & Fitness Goals – Part II

How to Use the Power of the Mind-Body Connection to Support Your Health & Fitness Goals – Part II


The goal in life is to maximize our potential by discovering and developing (and sharing) our natural gifts in order to leave “our mark” on life and the way to accomplish this is to become as healthy and fit (mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually) as we possibly can. The life that we want to live is dependent on how healthy and fit we are – and become – in the years ahead of us. In the final analysis how LONG we live pales in comparison to how WELL we live the years we are given.

As previously discussed in the prior article on this subject, Walt Disney died long before he completed all that he envisioned for the company he founded in the 1920’s. However, he managed to set in motion a vision that was so expansive and all inclusive that in the decades following his death in 1966 the many thousands of people who worked for Disney were still implementing what he wanted to accomplish had he lived beyond the age of 65. We cannot make excuses or assign blame if we are to make a difference in life – we are responsible and accountable for all that happens to us – and through us. Decide TODAY to explore your OWN mind-body connection and see what happens – you could be in for a very pleasant – and rewarding – surprise!


The “Triple Winner”

This is a concept I developed in the 80’s (while teaching client centered marketing) and it is relevant to our discussion of the mind-body connection. It states that: “As I help you win, we win; as we win, those we touch win”. This concept relies on creating and maintaining a healthy and focused mind and includes being open and receptive to change, while having an understanding of ourselves on the deepest levels, AND having a healthy respect not only for ourselves – but others as well. The characteristics of a “triple winner” are: enthusiasm, patience, an ability to communicate both thoughts and feelings, a positive attitude, an ability to empathize with others, a keen willingness to listen, a willingness to form mutually supportive relationships, and a deep inclination to behaving honestly (and with integrity) in all that you say – and DO.

Knowing what we value in life and the priority we place on embodying these values sets us up to becoming congruent – “walking our talk”. Evaluating risk rationally and willingly embracing change is a key to setting reasonable goals – especially when it comes to our own health and fitness needs. Evaluating our current position – where we are now in our lives (physically, emotionally and mentally) – is always a prudent and healthy process. Our journey in life is bordered by such processes and it is out of this continuing need to review what we “see” as important in our lives that eventually leads us to a “course correction”  – BEFORE we have a heart attack, stroke or face some other life threatening event (my definition of prevention!).


Our minds work like a computer. We receive input and information (data) from the world as we go through life and we interpret our experiences according to our prior experiences and understanding of life as we have lived it. Our belief systems and self image develop from this ongoing process. The information gets stored on our subconscious “tapes” and becomes a part of our “permanent record” to be used in future circumstances that may require this “stored” knowledge. Our future actions are guided by this programming and they affect every aspect of our lives. The tapes cannot be erased but they can be “re-programmed” through replacing old instructions with new ones. This is how we can change our circumstances – by “changing our minds” about the ideas and beliefs that no longer serve us.

The real barrier to change occurs on the subconscious level because if you believe you are not likely to succeed in what you want to achieve, that belief will always win in the end. “What you see is what you get” is a true statement. If you are caring, hopeful, supportive, and positive about life, the world will know it through your actions. “What you give comes back multiplied” is one of my beliefs and this is true of how we treat others as well as ourselves. If we can’t put ourselves FIRST when it comes to our own health and fitness needs, then we will NEVER arrive at a positive outcome – no matter how hard we try. Our tapes can only support achieving our purpose IF WE HAVE one! BELIEVE you are worthy of achieving your purpose and through this one belief YOU CAN change the world! Be true to yourself FIRST and others will believe WITH you and SUPPORT you as well.

You can only change your outward circumstances when you “change your inner mind”. Remember your subconscious mind does NOT know the difference between a vividly IMAGINED experience and a “real” one you experience in life. You create the “picture first” of what you want to achieve and then move TOWARD it – just as Walt Disney did when he created Disneyland. This is how I am MOVING toward my own dream – writing about it in these articles and eventually I WILL act on the opportunities when they come my way. When your subconscious mind finally accepts the new programming, you will “feel a great difference” in your in life and be amazed at the incredible experiences that come your way.

The following open ended “thoughts” will help you re-program your subconscious by allowing you to “brainstorm” as many completions as you can for the following “core beliefs” you hold – and MAY want to change. WRITE DOWN ALL YOUR RESPONSES IN LIST FORM:

  1. I AM….(ex.) healthy, balanced, energized, persistent, growing, awake, alert, loving etc.(I have 100 completions to this first one)
  2. I VALUE…(ex.)my health, my running, my mind and heart, my creativity, my drive to succeed, my daughter, grandson etc.(I have 35 completions for this one)
  3. I CARE ABOUT…(ex.)myself, my future, inspiring others, my family, my training, my running, my life, my spirit etc.(I have another 30 for this one)
  4. I LOVE to…(ex.) write, run, sing, speak, teach, feel great, set my own course, develop new ideas etc. ( another 25 for this one)
  5. I FEEL….(ex.) terrific, abundant, hopeful, grateful, complete, alive, fulfilled, thankful, free etc.(another 30 for this one)


Set your course by defining your purpose and start moving toward your new self. Define your purpose and become “purpose driven” and don’t let anything stop you from achieving your health and fitness goals. Remember the subconscious will resist you through “old programming” but you KNOW you will succeed because you are passionate about your purpose and making your contribution – and succeeding. You WILL be healthy and fit because that is the only way you can live your life from now on. Be consistent, persistent, open to change, patient, and most of all forgiving when you fall short periodically – because we ALL fall short at some point on the journey to change.

The mind-body connection is alive IN you and all it takes is your recognition of its power to transform your life in all of its magnificence! Be alive to the possibilities of your life and be grateful that you are “the only you” in the whole world. Live from this truth every day of your life and you will never look back to the person that you WERE, but be amazed at the person you have BECOME!

Author Profile: Nick Prukop

Website:      Email: [email protected] Nick is an author, teacher, and speaker and has been a certified personal trainer and lifestyle and weight management consultant since 1992. He is currently recognized as a master trainer by the IDEA International Health and Fitness Association. He has been a runner since 1964 and has accumulated over 60,000 miles in that time.

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