9 Tips To Boost Your Fitness Marketing On A Whole Another Level


Fitness marketing has hundreds of ways to grow, especially in this digital world we live in now. There are a lot of fun and engaging campaigns and contests that you can employ to make your fitness marketing strategy a success.

For owners and gym instructors, it is straightforward to promote various promotions and offers on premium accounts via Facebook, Twitter emails, Instagram, and any other social platform. Everyone around the world is concerned about fitness and social media is the best way to draw them to your business.

Fitness marketing is not only about promoting what you have; it’s employing the right strategies at the right time to the right audience.

Marketing, fitness, or otherwise, has to be done with a goal in mind. It would be best if you decided on your objectives and goals and framed your strategies around them. For example, you could create promo videos around your business and launch them on social media. Such videos are a healthy way to attract an audience towards your gym. However, to sell them the gym memberships, you will have to do more than the videos.

Here are a few ideas that will help you gain subscribers, increase brand awareness, and also so help you achieve a global name.

Plan A Corporate Strategy

Planning runs parallel to strategizing. If you come up with a marketing strategy prior to diving into business, the effort won’t be understated.

A fitness marketing strategy requires you to get into a partnership with a few corporate entities engaged in the fitness or healthcare business. This is required to develop your current holdings, support your existing venture with funding, and increase the number of gym memberships.

Such fitness marketing strategies should be framed for the long term.

Anniversary Offers

If you are a gym owner, try creating promotional offers once you hit the anniversary mark. Create lucrative offers, for example, give the first 20 members who visit the gym a discounted subscription. Tell them how the monthly membership cost can be reduced and can avail benefits if they visit your place.

Prepare discounted offers on a first-come-first-serve basis. This will not only drive people who are looking for a gym,  but it will also facilitate word of mouth marketing, as others will get to know that your business is celebrating an event.

A Fitness Website

Today with digitization, more than half the population looks for a local business online. We often search “gym near me”, to look for fitness places in the vicinity. To gain advantages of such intent-based searches, your gym needs to have a website. Not just that but it should be SEO-optimised so that it can rank higher in the search results page.

To make an impression in the fitness industry, you must stand out with a fantastic idea, especially with a healthcare marketing strategy. The impact you create will drive your audience, increased interaction will gather leads and add them to your potential customer list.

Email Marketing

The internet is ever-changing. An email is something you can have under your control. Google’s SEO algorithm changes every minute, Facebook, and Instagram have policies and guidelines changing every second of the day.

Through email marketing, you can sell a new product, share news about your business, tell a story, and promote your blogs. This will help you gather leads and increase sales.

Free Training Day

Select a special occasion and organize a free training day. Try creating promotional offers on your website and create a landing page where even non-members can create an account and receive email updates.

You can also organize a one-on-one training session with your trainers available on the website and even conduct an online class when a non-member signs up. Not only are there discounts and promotional offers, but they are also made aware of the available trainers, dietetics, and various other sessions. Undoubtedly one or the other option will suit a member’s needs.

Something New And Fun

Organize fun campaigns. It’s a collective mindset that fitness activities are boring, straining, and no fun. You and your gym friends can organize a small campaign distributing pamphlets and posters and contacting your friends to help you outreach the audience in hand.

Organize running games, health drink events, weight lifting events— put the details of them on the pamphlets. You can try posting the offers on your website along with free membership for the first month.

Referral Programs

Money is the only thing nobody denies. From tuition classes to grocery shopping, everything has a referral program today. Right word of mouth acts as a significant marketing strategy in the fitness business.

No matter where they come from, be it testimonials, online reviews, or a group of people working out at your gym spreading the word within a thriving community from a referral is the healthiest strategy to gain customers.

Social Media Organic Growth

When it comes to promoting a fitness/healthcare business online with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat, do not invite paid followers or paid engagement. Grow your member list organically. You can make it mandatory for the existing members of your gym, or your customers to like, comment, and share posts on your social media accounts.

This way, whenever your current members are spreading the word on the digital market, it automatically gains traffic. Grow organically, grow healthy, and better.

Seminars And Webinars

Apart from campaigns and sponsorship deals, events are a timeless strategy for growing your customer base.

For example, realtors today organize events in the form of seminars. They invite members for free, offer lunch or dinner, and create a positive outlook for the business. In the same way, try creating an opportunity within the community. This will help you build rapport, establish a definite base, and also strengthen your bond with the locals.

You can also team up with local businesses or local gym members and ask them to invite all of the existing members along with their families and friends for free. If possible, offer a sponsorship deal, discounted training, or free sessions on diets on your website.

Final Thoughts

Be careful when you reach out to the community at large. Be it social or physical, know how to target the correct audience. Whatever you do, your plans should have two essential strategies – an audience persona and a call to action. Once you understand your target audience, any plan you formulate will be a booming success. A strong sales team and solid ideas at the correct time will help you grow tremendously.

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Originally from Detroit, MI, Theresa has been offering health and fitness advice for the last 30 years while working as an engineer. She decided to turn her passion into a profession, and finds nothing more satisfying than helping others reach their health and fitness goals.

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