Top 10 Tips to Boost Weight Loss

Ten Tips To Boost Your Weight Loss Results

Top 10 Tips to Boost Weight Loss

Losing weight as fast as you gained it is never as easy. You will need to take some simple but tangible steps if you want to experience weight loss.

Sure it’s true that many people have achieved a change in their waistline just by walking a few more steps or giving up soda from their daily diet, however, there are definitely ways you can fast track weight loss, methods you will want to utilize if you are trying to shed substantial pounds from your frame.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at some simple yet effective methods which you can easily utilize to shed some extra pounds in no time!

Top 10 Tips to Boost Weight Loss

Tip #1: Change Your Diet

What you eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as for snacks, decides your overall daily caloric input. So start eating healthy! If you are not good at making a diet plan, you can get one online or consult with a nutrition specialist or capable personal trainer.

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Tip #2: Keep a Journal

Start keeping track of your eating habits by utilizing a food journal. Enter everything in the journal starting from the first thing you put in your mouth in the morning to the last thing at night, how often you snack, the times you snack, habits, etc. This will let you know how many calories you have consumed and also will give you some useful guidelines to help you regulate your diet.

Journaling will definitely help you know more about your eating habits, like whether you eat when you are stressed or bored, or things like how much of a gap you leave between meals, etc. All this and more can be learned from a food journal.

Tip#3: Utilize Commercials to Your Advantage While watching TV

Do you watch TV every day? Make the most out of the TV commercials! Stand up and start walking or skipping, doing jumping jacks, or even push ups, anything to increase your heart rate. By the time your program has resumed, you will have burned some extra calories.

Tip #4: Say Goodbye to High Fat Foods

Do you love donuts? Do you love to munch even the last slice of pizza? Try controlling yourself! If you have the habit of eating 5-6 donuts a day, go down by one to start so that you don’t experience donut shock! Do this for few more days and then go down again, again, and again. Simply repeat this process until you are only having one donut, etc., and hopefully eventually you will be having none!

The key here is making these changes gradually, but also being assertive with yourself to break the bad habits you’ve picked up over the years. Remember to be patient with yourself; changing routines is not something that comes easy for us as we tend to be creatures of habit. Patience is a virtue just as much as self-control is, and they go hand in hand when it comes to weight loss and lifestyle changes.

Tip #5: Sign up for a Newsletter or Join a Health Social Media Channel

There are a number of health magazines, websites, and social media channels that send healthy tips through their newsletter, etc. Sign up for some. They will keep sending you tips to lose weight and stay healthy, motivation and more. This can often be enough to keep you motivated and is a great compliment to motivation received from a personal trainer, and self-motivation on your journey to weight loss success.

Tip #6: Walk a Bit Extra

Try just walking 5 minutes extra every day. This will be enough to burn some additional calories. It is not necessary that you should be on the track or on the road for you can even walk indoors by walking in place. The key here is jet get your butt moving a little more each day! You can start with 5 minutes and increase to 10, 15, and 20 or more.

Tip #7: Take the Stairs

Here’s a simple one for you, especially if you are out and about often or work in a multiple story building. It is advisable to take the stairs wherever possible. For example, if your office is on the tenth floor, better to take an elevator to the 7th floor and start climbing the stairs the rest of the way, or heck, walk all the way up to the 10th floor if you’re feeling motivated and want to burn even more calories. Simple, right? Do this, seriously!

Tip #8: Prepare Your Own Food

If you’re in a hurry to experience weight loss, getting your diet in check is going to be critical. Understand that restaurant food almost always contains more calories compared to the foods you typically can and will (hopefully!) prepare at home. Restaurants are more about taste and so they tend to use more oils, butter, salts, etc. So better to make it a habit to make your own food at home, and you can even carry these foods to go when you are out instead of grabbing a typically fatty/sugary snack found in a convenience store or coffee shop. Moreover having your own food will help you decide the portion as well as the quality of the ingredients.

Tip #9: Get More Sleep

If you’re not getting 8 (7 minimum) hours of solid sleep a night, you’re going to slow your progress big time.

Try turning off the cell phone and TV at least one hour before you jump in bed. Using a blue light filter on your phone a few hours before going to bed is also highly recommended. Blue light emitted from modern screens has been proven to disrupt the body’s natural rhythms that trigger sleep at night. Try reading a book in bed instead of staring at a mobile device, it will help trigger sleep.

Make sure you don’t have any distractions while sleeping as well, so turn off any devices if possible (e.g., TV on in background, radio, etc.), cover any LEDs on TV’s, screens, etc., the darker and quieter your room, the better.

Sleeping straight for 8 hours every day will help your body to lose weight and it will also reduce stress and so much more. Sleep is very important!

Tip #10: Just Do It

This tip is really going to be the most important tip you can follow. Without the motivation to lose weight and the actual taking action towards your goals, you will never set and stick to your goals for the long haul, procrastination and your old familiar routines will start to creep back in.

So remember along your weight loss journey, just do it, your action will equal true long lasting results!

The Bottom Line

Start taking care of these little things and you will be able to achieve better weight loss results pretty much immediately. Even with small changes, you will be able to make a big difference, but to achieve faster results, remember that bigger lifestyle changes like those discussed in this article will be your fastest path to success. Good luck!

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