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Almost all exercises you can do with free weights, and the equipment which is found in most gyms can be done on the Total Gym.

But before you do any Total Gym Exercises, and even before you watch the workout videos, you should know the way in which to control the resistance and difficulty for most exercises is by moving the Total Gym bench to a higher angle.

The standard home Total Gym or even the commercial grade GTS has no weights attached so you guessed it, the weight (resistance) is going to come from your body weight. Each position on the Total Gym will force you to use your core muscles to different degrees to stabilize your body weight while you push or pull your body weight up and down against resistance.

Different People Benefit from Exercise on the Total Gym for Different Reasons

These Total Gym exercise videos may demonstrate to you that people of all fitness levels can benefit from the Total Gym although by different means.

People with low fitness levels will benefit greatly from the ability to use less than 100% of their body weight for exercises such as squats and pull-ups while performing exercises on the Total Gym. The Total Gym exercises will allow the beginner a chance to build up base strength levels all while increasing core strength, balance and coordination.

Those who already have a relatively high level of fitness and strength will not be improving their strength, balance and coordination as much as hypertrophying the muscles. The smooth action of the Total Gym exercises allows those with great exercise form to really isolate the muscles of the upper body and core to achieve a tremendous burn while they max out each set of exercise.

Total Gym Exercise Instruction

Even though the Total Gym is a piece of exercise equipment designed for home use, using it can be quite confusing, especially for those with little experience using weight machines. Even people who have a wealth of experience in the gym can benefit from these Total Gym Workout videos. In addition to seeing standard exercises being performed on a new apparatus you will find out which different kinds of exercises you can do on the Total Gym.

Make the Most out of your Total Gym Workouts

Many people get attached to a single piece of fitness equipment and fail to reap the benefits of other forms of exercise. You will love exercising on the Total Gym because of its natural, smooth, and silent operation but be sure to take advantage of different forms of exercise. Case in point are leg exercises such as lunges. While there are a few good exercises on the Total Gym, there are not enough to give you a truly great leg workout.  Using the Total Gym in unison with other pieces of equipment, calisthenics and cardio will allow you to gain the most benefit.

Important Total Gym Exercise Safety Considerations

While the Total Gym is by no means a ‘dangerous’ machine and every piece of exercise equipment has its own risks there are some things to beware of. First and foremost, beware of the height. At its highest resistance level the top part of the bench is around 4 feet high. This can be dangerous if you are performing any exercise which requires balance. Take extreme caution while performing any of the exercise kneeling or even standing on the Total Gym bench while you perform the exercise.

The other potential hazard with exercise on the Total Gym is the rails in which the bench slides along. If someone has their hand lying on the track when the bench comes down it could be a recipe for disaster. Be careful not to wear any loose clothes or leave shoelaces untied when using the Total Gym. If you have long hair, make sure it is not going to get in the way of the track or get caught in the pulley at the top of the Total Gym bench.


Core, Abs & Obliques Total Gym Exercise Videos
Torso Twist
Total Gym Torso Twist
Total Gym Plank
Total Gym Plank
Hamstring Curl Crunches
 Total Gym Hamstring Curl Crunches
Twisting Rows
Total Gym Twisting Rows
1 Arm Twisting Rows
Total Gym 1 Arm Twisting Rows
Knee Tuck Pushups
Total Gym Knee Tuck Pushups
Reverse Crunches
Total Gym Reverse Crunches


Total Gym Exercise Videos for the Chest
Total Gym Push-Ups
total Gym Pushups
Chest Fly
Chest Press
Knee Tuck Pushups
Total Gym Knee Tuck Pushups


Total Gym Back Exercise Videos
Total Gym Pullups
Single Arm Pullups
1 Arm Total Gym Pullups
Eccentric Single Arm Pullups
Kneeling Total Gym Rows
Kneeling Rows
Total Gym Kneeling Rows
Total Gym Rows
total gym rows
Twisting Rows
Total Gym Twisting Rows


Shoulders Total Gym Exercise Videos
 Lateral Deltoid Raise
Total Gym Lateral Deltoid Raise
Rear Deltoid Raises
Total Gym Rear Deltoid Raises
Lying Front Raises
Total Gym Lying Front Raises
Lying Upright Row
Total Gym Lying Upright Row
Kneeling Upright Row
Total Gym Kneeling Upright Row
Plyometric Shoulder Press
Total Gym Plyometric Shoulder Press
Seated Front Raise
Total Gym Seated Front Raise
Total Gym High Rows
Total Gym High Rows
Twisting 1-arm High Rows
Total Gym Twisting 1-arm High Rows
Kneeling Biceps Curls
Total Gym Kneeling Biceps Curls


Biceps Muscle Total Gym Exercise Videos
Seated Biceps Curls
Seated Total Gym Biceps Curls
Lying Biceps Curls
Lying Total Gym Biceps Curls
 Concentration Curls
Total Gym Concentration Curls
 Kneeling Biceps Curls


Total Gym Triceps Exercise Videos
Pullover Extension
Total Gym Pullover Extension
Triceps Extensions
Total Gym Triceps Extensions
Triceps Kickbacks
Total Gym Triceps Kickbacks


Total Gym Exercise Videos for the Legs & Butt
Squat Jumps
Total Gym Squat Jumps
Hip Extension
Total Gym Hip Extension
Hip Abduction
Total Gym Hip Abduction
Hamstring Curls
Total Gym Hamstring Curls
 Hamstring Curl Crunches
 Total Gym Hamstring Curl Crunches
Single Leg Squat
Total Gym Single Leg Squat


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Remember, the Total Gym is best used along side other types of exercises. You can use the Total Gym with dumbbells, barbells, cables, resistance bands, exercise balls and exercises with only your own body weight.

Videos of Exercises That Can Be Performed Without Any Equipment
Exercises which you can do at home, in the gym or on vacation and require no additional equipment.

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