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Fat Loss 101 – Understanding Fat LossBody Fat versus Muscle Fruit Analogy

Consider This Simple Analogy

Five pounds of muscle takes up about as much space as 3 tangerines. Five pounds of fat takes about as much space as 3 grapefruits.

Muscle is More Dense and Takes Up Less Space than Stored Body Fat

Aesthetically, if you lose fat and maintain your lean (muscle) body mass you will get the most out of your weight loss and look noticeably more defined and toned.

If you go about your weight loss the wrong way and lose a large percentage of muscle as well as fat, you will be far more likely to put the weight back on and you may experience other health issues such as lack of energy, slow metabolism, irritability and more.

Fat Loss is Not Only Important for Aesthetic Reasons

Unhealthy Fat Obesity versus Healthy

Your body’s ability to store body fat is almost limitless. Most of our stored body fat serves energy reservoir which is readily available for use.

Most of our excess body fat is stored as subcutaneous (under the skin) fat which you can see on the right as the white tissue surrounding the muscles.

Our stored body fat supplies our body with energy when food is scarce. The problem is this is not 1900 and now food is abundant.

This is the precise reason why there is an obesity epidemic all across the world.    Excess body fat can be the primary cause of a host of problems not limited to high cholesterol, heart disease and high blood pressure.

How can a you Ensure Weight Loss is Fat Loss?

Sustainable Fat Loss Occurs Only 1 Way

Slow and steady weight loss with proper exercise and nutrition is the only way to lose fat, maintain your muscle and keep your metabolism stable so you do not rebound and regain the weight you lose.

The reason so many diets and exercise programs fail is they are designed for the short term. These bogus fat loss programs rip people off of billions of dollars and the sad thing is every time weight is lost and regain, the body’s metabolism can be negatively effected.

Each time weight is lost and regain the body may become more and more resistant to reaching your ideal weight. Following an incorrect workout program and poor nutrition habits may make it near impossible to get the body which you desire.

Fat Loss is Best Achieved with a Slow, Systematic Approach

There are no miracle fat loss methods and so you will not find any on this page, but what you will find are links to access information on true scientific weight loss methods including resistance training, cardiovascular exercise, healthy nutrition, dietary supplements and more.

You may be surprised at the truth because you have probably gotten used to the lies about weight loss which are force-fed to the masses in order for large companies to make money. The truth is beneficial weight loss, or fat loss takes time but if you put in the time and follow a systematic and science based fat loss program, you can and will succeed.

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