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Diet and Exercise Considerations for Healthier Hair

Your hair requires a special degree of care and consideration, without which it may not only lose its shine and volume, but also its strength.

Hair damage also comes in many forms, from dullness, dryness and thinning to breakage and frizz.

However, you don’t necessarily have to invest in expensive hair products to keep your hair looking great.

There are a few things, however, that might help maintain or even improve the quality of one’s health if given due attention, especially with regards to hair.

Two of the important elements here are diet and exercise. It is vital that you ensure these two points are taken into account.

Thankfully, there are many natural ways to get healthy hair. In this guide, we’re going to show you just how you can do so…

Natural Ways To Get Healthy Hair

You can have healthier hair through some easy changes to your haircare routine. Take a look at the following eight ways to naturally get healthy hair.

Brush Your Hair Before Showering

Instead of jumping in the shower with your hair tangled and messy from sleeping, take the time to carefully brush and detangle your hair first. Wet hair is actually more prone to breaking. When you brush, your natural oils get distributed throughout your hair, which protects them in the shower.

Use Conditioner Properly

Not everyone knows how to properly condition their hair. To start, unless your hair is extremely long, you only need a nickel-sized amount of conditioner. Apply it to the middle and ends of your hair shaft first before working it up to your scalp. Make sure to leave it on for a full 60 seconds before washing.

Look For Natural Ingredients

When you buy new hair products, make sure to look for natural ingredients like aloe, Argan oil and coconut oil among others. These natural elements condition and strengthen your hair.

Eat Protein

Guess what? Your hair is mostly protein, which means that a protein-rich diet helps it stay healthy. Meat, fish, beans and eggs are all good sources of protein. Foods rich in vitamins E and C also help hair strength and growth. Some of these foods include dark leafy greens, fruit and avocados.

Turn Your Shower Heat Down

As great as a hot shower might feel, taking consistently hot showers can damage your hair. It can also damage your skin. It causes scalp irritation and may weaken your hair strands as they grow. If you do like a warm shower, then make sure to rinse your hair in cold water at the end of it to seal the cuticles and give your hair added shine.

Guard Your Hair Against the Sun

Just like hot showers, the heat and UV rays from the sun can damage your hair as well. When you spend time outside, there’s also the danger of ambient pollution. If you spend a lot of time in the sun, consider wearing a hat or scarf to protect it. You can also add a leave-in styler with SPF protection.

Upgrade Your Sleep

A night of good sleep reduces stress, which ultimately helps your hair. Get a more quality sleep by upgrading your mattress if your current one is old or unsupportive. You can also switch your cotton pillowcases out for silk ones, which reduces friction on your hair.

Get Regular Haircuts

It’s important to get your hair cut regularly to keep your hair healthy. Without regular trimming, your hair will break off at the ends and become damaged and frizzy. Every two months is a good rule of thumb for getting your hair trimmed.

Diet Considerations for Healthy Hair

Food is one of the most important factors when it comes to healthy living, as it is the source of just about all nutrients gained by the body.

With regards to this, the question is mainly what kind of nutritional index you would have to maintain in your body to uphold overall health which extends all the way to the tips of your hair – literally.

Most advice for healthy hair tends to insist on a higher protein intake. However, this is not necessarily true. What matters more is the quantities of the major nutritional elements, and consuming a balanced diet.

Exercise Considerations for Healthy Hair

With regards to exercise, the focus must be on what can be done to deal with not only internal factors affecting your overall health, but also external ones. This includes environmental aspects such as pollution and weather changes, etc. However, exercise can help deal with these external factors from an internal perspective.

It seems absurd to consider that exercise can have anything to do with hair growth and maintenance. However, the Vera Clinic which offers the best hair transplant in Turkey would suggest that along with diet, exercise is an important factor, although that would be at least a few weeks after the procedure.

How exercise impacts your hair is all related to the blood circulation in your body, and since exercise is likely to make your cardiovascular system stronger and more efficient, blood flow to your scalp would increase, effectively aiding hair growth and retention of hair transplant units.

The exercises that usually increase blood circulation tend to range from various yoga-based positions such as head-stands and neck exercises to jogging, breathing exercises and even rubbing your nails together. Some of these are rather simple and can be incorporated into a normal work day as well, without extra time or effort.


Keeping all these tips in mind and making small, specific changes to your lifestyle can actually do wonders for your health – especially hair growth, and more importantly, the maintenance of hair transplant results if you end up going down that route.

Of course, the outcome of hair transplants differ from one clinic to another, but either way, effort on your part is also equally necessary to ensure that they hold well. To know more about hair transplant visit:

At the end of the day, though, there are many natural ways you can improve and maintain your hair, so if you’ve still got some on your head, the time to act is now!

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