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A-Z Personal Trainer Guide Where You Don’t Have to Spend a Dime!

The Free Online Personal Trainer Can Help You With Your Fitness Goals has over 1,000 pages of exercise information, videos, images and an interactive discussion forum with personal trainers which can help you achieve your goals.

There is enough multimedia information to substitute for the direct help of either an in-the-gym or online personal trainer but it still pales in comparison to the actual one-on-one guidance of a certified personal trainer.

If you value your health and fitness and truly want to conquer your long-time fitness goals the help one-on-one help of a personal trainer is priceless and will always be worth the cost in the long run.

If you are dead broke and spending money on a personal trainer is out of the question and/or you are just curious about what it takes to either transform your body, improve your physical fitness or improve sports performance through exercise training you will benefit from using as your free online personal trainer.

If you will stop at nothing to accomplish your fitness goals your best options are to either find a personal trainer in your area to start personal training sessions or start with our online personal trainer which gives you most of the benefits of training with a personal trainer in person but for a fraction of the cost.

How to Use as a Free Online Personal Trainer

Like the Catchphrase from the Old Cartoon G.I. Joe, “Knowing is Half the Battle”

If you are completely new to exercise, educating yourself about the nuances of exercise science, physical fitness and nutrition will help you exponentially in the pursuit of your future fitness endeavors.

The only ‘problem’ with education is it does not come quickly. If you truly want to master exercise science, as verified by all of the world-wide personal trainers who have contributed college degree reviews, it takes a full 4 year college degree before you even have the proper base of knowledge it takes to become a personal trainer.

5 Step A-Z Free Online Personal Trainer Guide

I. Educate | II. Assess | III. Create | IV. Initiate | V. Analyze

Step I: Educate

“Education Costs Time and Money but So does Ignorance”
–Sir Claus Moser

Many people want quick fitness results and bypass any education whatsoever which ends up costing them time and money in the long AskTheTrainer Educationrun.

In the fitness world it is arguably more important to know a little about many things than it is to know a lot about a few things. Luckily for you, using as your free online personal trainer will allow you to pick up enough health and fitness knowledge in multiple subjects to help you achieve your goals.

A. Begin to Write Everything Down
We all know that taking down notes dramatically improves the chances of retaining what we learn by few of us actually write things down. The first and probably most important thing you can do to succeed with this free online personal trainer is to create a journal. Write everything you learn, do, eat and even think down for future reference. Spending $3 on a cheap spiral notebook at your local convenience store can go a long way in your quest to improve your fitness.

B. Definition of Physical Fitness
It will be very hard to learn about the fine details of exercise if you do not fully understand the basic concept of physical fitness. Make sure you understand that your fitness is not someone else’s fitness. Your individual definition of physical fitness should be shaped by what you read on this page.

C. 5 Components of Physical Fitness
Before you even think about creating a workout routine and fine-tuning it you should know the 5 basic components of physical fitness. In order to truly be fit, you should lead a balanced lifestyle with a balanced exercise program that allows you to be proficient at all 5 health related components of physical fitness.

D. All About Body fat
Everyone has body fat which serves important metabolic functions in the body but can also be a huge nuisance and is likely the reason why many of you are reading this free online personal trainer guide. Learn about your enemy and arm yourself with the knowledge to defeat it.** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **

E. Exercise Information
Here you will find information about resistance exercises involving the whole body as well as exercise videos. Take your time with this section and as a reminder WRITE THINGS DOWN. Reading something is only as important as what you retain and writing it down will help you retain the knowledge you learn about exercises for the entire body.

F. Weight Training Volume
The volume of your workouts is basically how much work you put in. While beginners may think that you should put in as much work as possible into each workout it is far from the truth. In order to properly progress a training program the free online personal trainer guide stresses following the periodization model which controls training volume for different cycles (periods) to avoid plateau and maintain constant positive changes such as improvement of body composition, strength and athletic performance.

G. Cardio Exercise
If your goals involve losing weight, burning fat, toning, sculpting or any other terms synonymous with reducing body fat cardio exercise is going to be your bread and butter. Learn the basic facts about cardiovascular exercise which you can use to ensure you spend your time wisely performing exercise which is directly helping you achieve your goals.

H. Basic Nutrition
Proper nutrition is highlighted simply because it is impossible to explain how very important optimal nutrition is for accomplishing your fitness goals. Your free online personal trainer has even less direct influence on your eating habits than a personal trainer in person would have and that is not very much. Even more than physical training, nutrition varies tremendously from person to person. There is no one-size-fits all nutrition plan and any attempt to follow one usually ends up in failure. Educate yourself in basic nutrition

I. Dietary Supplements
Whether you believe in dietary supplement use or not, if you are serious about achieving your goals you MUST familiarize yourself with the dietary supplement options available to you. Dietary supplements will never be the magic pill which will solve all your fitness goals but almost everyone can benefit from a supplement or two. You can also read the supplement reviews about only the best dietary supplements for specific training goals.

J. Exercise & Nutrition Myths
Regardless of your knowledge of health and fitness common belief can cause even the most educated person to disregard science and believe popular opinion.

Step II. Assess

“If you don’t have a Vision for the Future, then your Future is Threatened to be a Repeat of the Past”
A. R. Bernard

circumference measurementsbody fat estimateIt is nearly impossible to get accurate bearings on where you want to go if you don’t know your exact starting point. Before you do anything in the gym it is imperative to assess where you are. Your starting point is just as important as any other aspects of your fitness and nutrition program.

Thoroughly assessing your fitness at the beginning of your fitness program gives you very important knowledge that can be compared later on in your program. This data will allow you to fine-tune your program to avoid plateau and constantly achieve results.

K. Assessing your Fitness
In order to progress your exercise program properly to avoid plateau you need to establish a base point.  A great place to start is with a health and fitness self assessment.The process in which personal trainers would assess your physical fitness in person is the same as it will be with the free online personal trainer. Maintain your journal and write things down to send yourself on the early road to success.

L. Body Fat Measurement
Learn about the best methods to assess your body composition and the methods which are not very accurate and valid. You can either purchase a cheap tool to measure (estimate) your body fat percentage which yields your lean body mass or you can work with a qualified personal trainer or professional to help you estimate your body fat percentage.

M. Setting Training Goals
Before you exercise for the first time on your new fitness plan it is very important you establish short and long term measurable goals.

N. Exercise Equipment
Whether you are working out at home, outdoors or in a fitness center you are likely going to be using various pieces of fitness equipment. Even if you work out in a huge commercial gym this overview of all the equipment you will find will help you create a program consistent with your specific goals. If you plan to create a home gym you can also read about home gym equipment and/or check out the fitness equipment review page.

Step III. Create

No Cookie Cutter Programs“To be Prepared is Half the Victory”
– Miguel De Cervantes

Taking the time to carefully plan out and create an exercise program can help you drastically adhere to your program and constantly make progress.

Many people make the mistake of blindly following a cookie-cutter workout and nutrition program. Following a program designed for someone else usually has little or no relevance to your specific goals in your specific situation.

Using the knowledge you have gained with steps I & II of the free online personal trainer with the following information on step III you should be able to prepare your own workout routine specific to your goals.

O. Free Printable Exercise Log Sheets
Just as you have began taking notes of everything you have been learning on this free online personal trainer you will need to do so during your exercise sessions. We learn from our mistakes but if you forget you will likely make the same mistakes over and over again and that is where keeping a training log will help dramatically.

P. Workout Routines
The primary job of a personal trainer is to design a systematic workout routine for you that is specific to achieving your goals while avoiding plateau. With a free online personal trainer you can use the basic information here to help you create a workout plan you can stick to.

Q. Sets and Reps
Before you begin performing sets and reps you should have the basic concept of what they area and how to perform each set and rep for your resistance training workouts.

R. Weight Training Splits
If you plan to perform resistance training on consecutive days and/or 4 or more days per week then you need to split the workouts to include different body parts on different days. Learn how to properly split your workouts to let the muscles previously exercised recover while you create the weight training stimulus with the fresh muscles..

Step IV. Initiate

The Starting point of all Achievement is Desire”
— Napoleon Hill

Initiate ProgramLike a marathon, a fitness program cannot be successful unless you begin the race. Also like a marathon, a fitness program takes quite some time to achieve the final result which is finally finishing the race. You should have the same burning desire and vision that a runner has to finish the marathon with your exercise program.

Now that the free online personal trainer has armed you with a carefully planned personal goal-specific workout program ts time to actually begin working out.

S. Helpful Charts
Even if you have used the best free online personal trainer to plan your routine perfectly you still need to account fore the constant progress you make as your maintain your exercise program. Working out with proper intensity is very important and you can track it with a very simple RPE chart which you can download here along with various other graphics and charts.

Exercise VideosT. Exercise Videos
Here you can find over 350 different exercise videos which are organized via body part and/or fitness equipment. If you are a beginner, at first it is a good idea to perform only a single exercise for 2-3 sets per body part.

U. Best Cardio Workouts
Once your body begins to adapt to the cardio workouts you will likely do on your initial phase of your workout program you can kick your heart rate into high gear with some new cardio workouts that work muscles that standard cardio machines don’t work as well as create ultra-high intensity levels with various forms of interval training.

Step IV. Analyze

“Opportunities Multiply as they are Seized”Keys to Success
–Sun Tzu

If you properly planned your program based on comprehensive assessments, analyzing your program should give you telltale signs of your successes and failures.

It is unlikely that you will accomplish your long-term fitness goals at your first attempt. If you took notes and properly assessed your fitness goals in the first place you can use your newly found data and knowledge to improve your program for the next run.

Using the process of elimination you will continue to achieve success to a greater degree by not making the same mistakes you have the first time though.

V. Re Assessing Goals
After you have dedicated yourself to your fitness routine you created with knowledge from the free online personal trainer then it is time to re-perform most of the assessments you did at the beginning of your program. This includes re-assessing your proficiency in the 5 components of fitness as well as any other goal specific assessments you did at the outset of your program.

W. Ask The Trainer
If you have read all the information on the previous 20+ steps, taken notes, dedicated yourself in the gym and at the dinner table, and you still have a specific question about your workout program, ask a local personal trainer for a free consultation.

X. Start Over Again at Lesson A
The ageless saying, “If at first you don’t succeed try try again” holds true for most things in life and fitness is no exception. Going through the first 20 lessons gives you a lot of information and it is almost impossible to retain it all. Take your note pad and go back through this free online personal trainer guide and highlight the things which you did wrong and write down important information which you missed the first time through. There is no limit to how many times you can go through and keep adding to your (literally) personal training knowledge.

FIND certified personal trainersY. Find a Personal Trainer Near You
If you have went through the information and gave the free online personal trainer a try and it seems you just cannot get the results you desire, hiring a personal trainer to work with you in person is your very best option for safely, effectively achieving your fitness goals in a timely manner if you practice self discipline with a proper diet.

Z. Online Personal Training
If you simply cannot afford a personal trainer for 2-4 training sessions per week in the flesh, hiring an online personal trainer is often a viable option that can be much cheaper. As opposed to siphoning the pertinent information you need from this free online personal trainer, a certified expert online personal trainer will design an exercise program, healthy eating plan and guide you through your program on a day-to-day basis, giving you everything you get from an in the flesh personal trainer, except for face-to-face motivation and exercise instruction.

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